成都j9九游会环保科技有限公司次要从事水处置产品研发、设 备制造、贩卖、工程安置调试为一体的环保设置装备摆设公司。j9九游会的次要产品包罗:油墨废水处置体系、废水生 化处置体系、油墨废水深度反浸透处置体系、产业废水处置设置装备摆设、生存废水处置设置装备摆设、医疗废水处置设置装备摆设等 环保设置装备摆设。
   We target the operation goal of “saving energy, improving product automation and reducing energy consumption and labor cost”, adhere to the concept of “innovation, profession and integrity”, and inherit the management aim of “creating the brand with quality, shaping with integrity and seeking development with innovation”. Our products have been sold overseas with professional research & development, design, reliable quality and reasonable price. From professional and scientific design, energy-efficient construction to responsible management, we have completed the projects with low lost and high quality for the clients, which is highly thought of by the owners.
   公司对峙诚信驻足、创新致远、科技为先、品格******的企业理念。擅长汲取国际外******技能,在水处置 技能上不停创新,开辟出******国际外的新技能和新产品,打造水处置行业民族新品牌,充实发扬专业的水处 理技能,办事于社会各个行业。成都j9九游会环保科技有限公司愿与各界冤家通力进行[tōng lì jìn háng],共创光辉!
   Chengdu Ruiling EPT Co., Ltd., located in South Area, Chengdu Modern Industrial Park, Pixian County, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China, is an environmental protection equipment company engaged in product research & development, equipment manufacturing, sales and engineering installation and debugging. The main products include printing ink waste water treatment system, waste water biochemical treatment system, printing ink waste water depth reverse osmosis treatment system, industrial waste water treatment system, domestic waste water treatment equipment, medical waste water treatment equipment and other environmental protection equipment.
   公司以“浪费动力,进步产品主动化,低落能耗和人工本钱”为谋划目的,对峙“创新,专业,致诚” 的企业理念,承袭了“以质量立身牌,以诚信塑抽象,以创新谋开展”的谋划主旨。公司产品依托专业的研 发设计、******的品格、公道的******,远销外洋;项目从专业迷信的设计、高效节能的施工、到仔细卖力的管 理,为客户制作了低本钱、高品格的工程。遭到了宽大业主的高度评价和普遍一定。
   We adhere to the philosophy of “integrity, innovation, technology and quality assurance”. With advanced foreign and domestic technologies and continuous innovation in water treatment technology, we have developed leading new technologies and products at home and abroad, created the national new brand in the water treatment industry, thus giving full play to professional water treatment technologies and serving all walks of life. Chengdu Ruiling EPT Co., Ltd. would like to cooperate with all of you for a brilliant future.